Photo Posters: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


Isn’t that a fact? The reach of visual posts is 94% more than text!

Candid Creations introduces Photo Posters – inspirational, clever posters with a beautiful photo background, and customized with your business logo.

Small businesses have enough on their hands, let alone time to create content for their social media outlets. I’ve come up with a quick way for you to be able to plug in eye-catching graphics into your online media posts such as emails, Facebook, Instagram, website, etc. to get the attention of your clients.

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Happy Independence Day

Rock Creek lakes Rainbow falls Mono lake Silver lake












We just had a short holiday at Mammoth Lakes, California and vicinity. We stumbled upon some pristine lakes, the few that still had adequate water and a sliver of hope for our drought fraught state.

The vastness and variety of America’s natural landscapes never cease to amaze me. And I’m grateful for all those folks that strove, and still do, to keep these areas from commercial development. Humans have taken over most of the landmass, but because of these naturalists, the other species inhabiting earth still have a place to live. This Independence day, I wish that all species one day can live without fear from the largest predator. Humans.