PONO: The seventh principle, EFFECTIVENESS IS THE MEASURE OF TRUTH, begs for a closer look at what is or isn’t working for you in your life. If something is not giving you the results you want, then change your approach. The corollary to this idea is that “there is always another way to do anything”. Learning to “let go and let God” is a very powerful way to get help from your Higher Source. If you truly surrender, remembering that all power comes from within, you will find a new idea, person or approach to your problem. (Info credit: www.shamanicbodywork.com)

This photograph features the striking blue berries of the Rudraksha tree. We came upon an entire forest of these trees – spattered with blue berries, a few red leaves among the green, and a carpet of berry seeds on the ground – on the eastern side of Kaua’i, HI. The text on this PhotoGram is part of a Polynesian Huna blessing.

Huna is a philosophy of life that is at the root of all ancient cultures and spiritual paths. Free of dogma, it is the hidden knowledge, deep within our souls, of who we are and how our lives can really work. Within the Huna philosophy, there are seven spiritual principles of life which explain the way the world works. These principles are refreshingly simple yet very powerful, and can serve as meditations or chants for enhancing everyday life. (courtesy www.shamanicbodywork.com)

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