The third principle leads into the fourth, which is NOW IS THE MOMENT OF POWER. How many of us live in the moment and appreciate its beauty and grace? When we can approach each moment without judgment, it reveals itself as a Holy Instant waiting to be born into our awareness. Every moment is a miracle of life propelled forth by the previous moment. If you trace your thoughts back in time you will find that your current situations and relationships are truly designed by your thinking and your beliefs about life. Only decisions that you make right now can have any effect on your future. (Info credit:

This photograph features the awe-inspiring sacred Na Pali coast on the west side of Kaua’i, HI, that is mostly accessible only by boat, or by a strenuous hike. The text on this PhotoGram is part of a Polynesian Huna blessing.

Huna is a philosophy of life that is at the root of all ancient cultures and spiritual paths. Free of dogma, it is the hidden knowledge, deep within our souls, of who we are and how our lives can really work. Within the Huna philosophy, there are seven spiritual principles of life which explain the way the world works. These principles are refreshingly simple yet very powerful, and can serve as meditations or chants for enhancing everyday life. (courtesy

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