The first principle, THE WORLD IS WHAT YOU THINK IT IS. When we criticize another, we are implying that they are not acting in accordance with our personal framework of reality. However, everyone has their own individual perception of what reality is, according to their own beliefs and assumptions about life. Our personal view is only what’s true for us, so we tend to invalidate what we do not understand. According to this principle, you must bless another’s contrasting viewpoint if you want yours to be accepted at all, or blessed in return. (Info credit: www.shamanicbodywork.com)

This handsome rooster posed magnificently in a field of wildflowers, by the Rudraksha forest in Kapa’a, Kaua’i. The text of the PhotoGram is part of a Polynesian Huna blessing.

Huna is a philosophy of life that is at the root of all ancient cultures and spiritual paths. Free of dogma, it is the hidden knowledge, deep within our souls, of who we are and how our lives can really work. Within the Huna philosophy, there are seven spiritual principles of life which explain the way the world works. These principles are refreshingly simple yet very powerful, and can serve as meditations or chants for enhancing everyday life. (courtesy www.shamanicbodywork.com)

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