Bridge across forever

Richard Bach was my first window to seeing the world outside of the conventional box that we were raised in, in the last century. I still own the books published in the 1980s, including the one this quote is taken from, ‘The Bridge Across Forever: a lovestory’. His semi-autobiographcal fiction writing gave one an understanding of planes that fly, as well as planes of thought and planes of existence. The suspension bridge is from, well, where else…Vancouver of course. The Lynn Canyon suspension bridge is lesser known and thus less crowded than Capilano, and spans the spectacular canyon to provide views of the river and waterfalls below.

Golden state

Where would you find fields of golden yellow poppies swaying in the soft breeze? In their home state, California, of course! These particular ones were just up a hillside bordering a freeway. The spring wildflower bloom continues, with different sets of flowers showing their colors each week. It’s a pretty amazing scene. Get out in nature and see for yourself!

About that art

The sun was setting as we got to the beach, and a fishing boat was pulling up with it’s catch for the day. A bunch of people crowded around the boat looking for fresh fish to purchase. This little fellow was stuck in the net and made quite a pretty picture. I don’t know what became of him eventually, but he did get immortalized in this PhotoGram.

A moment in time

Thich Nhat Hanh, the famous peace activist and Buddhist monk has recently returned to his native Vietnam to live out his final years. I remember visiting his rally in downtown LA years ago. We listened to speakers and drummers, and practiced mindful walking in the large park. It was all very peaceful. Kind of like this mimosa flower, quietly exuding its inner beauty, alongside the wall of a home in Goa, India.


Recent rains in southern California are helping to turn black to green. The hills blackened by fires are visible in the background, but the beautiful green signals rebirth, renewal and hope. Note Mr California Cow with his very symmetrical form, staring straight at you.

Happy Halloween

Our ‘hood here has been very creative with Halloween decor of hooded creatures, skeletons and pumpkins. I love the dressing up for Halloween too, but personally prefer ‘happy’ to ‘scary’. May our choices, whether it be for Halloween, the upcoming elections, or just life, truly reflect our hopes, not fears.

Epic epi

I made this PhotoGram into a canvas print for a dear friend recently. It features a lovely epiphyllum bloom, from the backyard of the home we just moved out of. The quote is a catchy 1965 song written by Hal David, with music by Burt Bacharach, and popularized by the voice of Jackie DeShannon. I first remember hearing it in a Calvin Klein commercial. Listen to it once and it’s stuck in your head… which might not be a bad thing actually.


I can’t do, without you…. 🙂 Got the Abba song going on in my head now. A friend pointed out these symbiotic plants to me on a recent hike in the Santa Monica mountains. It’s amazing how the delicate climber latches on to seemingly dead branches so it can make it to the sunlight. A reminder that all of us need each other, regardless of our strengths and weaknesses. Co. Exist.

Unity in diversity

Spring break found us hiking in the San Jacinto area mountains. Sighting the huge, multicolored rock pile on an Idyllwild trail got me humming this quote. It’s taken from the lyrics of a well-known song by the international music group, Gen Verde, and basically reiterates the principal of unity in diversity. The PhotoGram had to be made 🙂

Spring is in the air!

New blooms, new berries sprouting all over in late winter are promising a colorful springtime. Young people are rallying everywhere with chants of “give peace a chance”. Don’t know about you, but these red berries do make me smile…Spread the peace!

The month of love!


A bright new super moon heralded the arrival of February. This photo was actually taken the day after the super/blue/blood full moon of January. The quote from ML King Jr, whose day was celebrated last month, encompasses all love, including the romantic kind that’s celebrated this month.

A new year, a new challenge

The new year18Challenge_PG started off with challenges for a lot of people. As the author of the featured quote, Roy Bennett writes, ‘Difficulties and adversities viciously force all their might on us and cause us to fall apart, but they are necessary elements of individual growth and reveal our true potential.’ This inspiring view of Mt Whitney, California’s tallest peak, reminds us to go on, surmounting our challenges and becoming stronger for it.

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